Manipulating automated roulette wheel in Croatia

Two Slavonians had an idea how to cheat roulette. They installed some equipment for manipulation on the wheel.

The device found 26-years old man from Vinkovci and made a contact with a 41-old man who was working in casino in Osijek. 41y man was bribed to install the device inside an automated wheel.

The were operating it for 3 months.
Such device made a loss to casino of tens of thousands Kuna ( ~ $10,000)

dva slovenca???

funny is that casinos can cheat us with manipolating of a rotor, but we players shouldnot. thumb up to those who cheated casinos back :-*

I live in Vinkovci and studying in Osijek. About 40 km is distance between those 2 cities.

I personaly now that man from Vinkovci who do the fraud… But not excat details. Many rumours are around now hehe