Legality of use in US and purchase instructions

Hello all. I have been lurking here for a few days and decided to finally post. I am curious about purchasing the FFA and wanted to know if there was a process or if I needed approval before just using the Paypal link? Also, I notice the FFA comes with optional ear piece but no bluetooth receiver? Why? If possible I would like to buy it all as a package to minimize the complexity/learning curve of this new system. Would FFA be best for solo or team play with shoe clicking?

It seems many of the people posting on this forum are not in the US. Since I am, I wanted to know where these devices might be legal and where are they illegal in the US and Canada? If it works well enough I would travel overseas but testing in the US would have to come first. What measures do casinos have to detect this kind of operation from the technological side? Bluetooth detectors? Etc.?

Hello Julius,
FFA is a bit outdated; we are mostly focused on FFZ and FFV.
Now earpieces and BT receivers are cheap to buy on eBay, so there is no point buying it in bulks.
We do not give legal advices about roulette computers.

Hello Forester, thank you for the reply.

I am confused then. I thought FFA was the most advanced model with the ability to speak numbers? Yet you say FFZ and FFV are more advanced? Which system is top of the line right now and does it have voice speaking abilities?


Yes, the FFA talks so it is a bit easier.
However, all talking computers are very limited in flexibility. Rotor has to be clocked always in same position, and that is a waste of valuable time. It also requires more wiring making the FFV and FFZ far more covert… For that, reason players who play a lot prefer FFZ or FFV. Past year we developing a new program, it is more advanced but there is no time to upgrade the FFA.