Launceston Country Club Casino Trip


I have just returned from a mildly successful few days staying at my original home town Casino where I still know most of the staff on a first name basis including the Pit Bosses.

They now have a small Rapid Roulette game using a beautiful big soft nylon ball with almost no bounce and scatter.

The seating at some terminals is directly above the wheel and looking down into it, perfect EXCEPT they are calling NMB with 5 seconds to close and immediately the ball is released.

The normal table is a stone track late model John Huxley with very late betting permitted but the ball is small hard and bouncy and it is a right handed table where the croupiers are all instructed to spin the ball with their left hand resulting in quite inconsistent spins although each croupier does seem to set their own rotor speed and they are very consistent with that.

I found my VB quite difficult to profit from but good old RWD came through and paid for the accommodation.



I have also been heavily focused on rapid roulette at my local… the screens here are locked before the ball is spun and 25 seconds is allowed to place bets before lockout occurs… what is RWD?



Our RR was like that before but they have found that the take increases if late betting is allowed however its not for me because although we have 30 secs to bet they dont spin the ball until about 5 secs before the screens close.

RWD is Roy Ward Dickson Hot Number theory. I have a couple of very small modifications to the rules which are…

[i]Roy Ward Dickson said a playable hot number is...

a. One that has not come up for at least thirty consecutive spins. ie. 30 spins or more never less.

b. One that after such an “establishing period of absence” finally came up.

c. And which did so twice more during the next 19 spins or less, subject to the special exceptions below.

That is three shows in 20 spins or less after an absence of 30 spins or more.

A number is NOT playable if it comes up three times in a row.
A number is NOT playable if the DIFFERENCE in the ‘gap’ between the first-and-second appearance and the ‘gap’ between the second-and-third appearances consists of more than six.

Say the qualifying numbers’ initial two shows were on the first and seventh spins, that is a ‘gap’ of 6 and the third qualifying show came up on the 19th spin, that is a ‘gap’ of 12 spins, then the DIFFERENCE in the ‘gaps’ of 6 & 12 = 6. The number is playable!

Again, suppose the initial two shows are on the first and third spins, that is a ‘gap’ of 2 and the third show is on the twelveth spin, that is a ‘gap’ of 9, so the DIFFERENCE in the’gaps’ of 2 & 9 = 7. The number is unplayable!

Another example, suppose the initial two shows are on the first and tenth spins, that is a ‘gap’ of 9 and the third show is on the twentieth spin, that is a ‘gap’ of 10, so the DIFFERENCE in the’gaps’ of 9 & 10 = 1. Playable!

Back a playable qualifying number for UP TO 9 spins NOT counting spins where zero shows.

Of course zero itself can qualify to be playable.

Bet one unit on the first to the sixth playable spin and two units on the seventh to the ninth playable spin.

If the string of nine bets all fail to achieve a win stop betting that number immediately.

Stop backing that number immediately a bet wins, that is the hot number shows for the fourth time.

As soon as one such playable hot number bet has won stop that playing session at that wheel, even if it was your first bet. No more bets that day at that wheel.

Should three successive playable strings each of nine bets all lose stop that playing session at that wheel.

If you have lost two strings of nine bets and are playing a third when a second number qualifies as playable DON’T commence betting on it. Either you win your currently active string and walk or you walk away after losing three consecutive strings of nine anyway.[/i]



Now that (RWD) would take some patience…

The best part about RR is that there are 70 to 73 results per hour and nobody is getting in your way when you bet… the screen is dedicated to the player… but it is purely for staking systems… in my case anyway… I have attached a graph of my actual progression over 10 hours of play (3 days)… 426 chips per hour… without a wipe-out… however it will happen… and I expect one every 18 hours of play… I have just hit the half way point… (fingers crossed)…



I wish you luck with a staking system!

RWD is played on the side while my main attack is using VB - at least until the FFA is ready.


do you collect the numbers?
if so have you plotted them?

i would like to see the live feed of numbers if possible?


@Minerox and Mike

Here are the numbers…

Would you take this gamble??

You spin a wheel with 4126 equal size numbers on it… there is only ONE
bogey number… if it comes up you lose $2700… until then… you are paid
$2.45 every time you spin the wheel…??? You can spin the wheel 70+ times
per hour…???

Thanks for the good wishes Mike… I know very well the risks of staking systems… also the dangerous illusions created with ‘the now you bet now you don’t’ methodologies… I guess that is the attraction of the game… it’s like playing with a snake…