It Appears That Steve Has Failed Again With His GW Online Test

It’s been quite a while since Steve was supposedly going to show the world that he could win with his GW system in an online demonstration. To date, nothing has been made.

I was first given the name on the account, and after about a month he had made zero as near as I could tell, because he never followed up with the results.

On this last go around, he gave the account name to Kelly, and so far, nothing.

I have a feeling the third time around will be the charm, as I suspect he will next give the account name to Mr. J - A big Steve and GW supporter.

Just my ten cents. ;D


And that’s what I’ve been saying for past 5 years. So waht for you may be new, for me is something i got tired listening.
All advantage players do not even listen what Stefano is saying and long time ago left VLS. Kelly is the only one I know, that still talks with him.

First Stefano said his GW makes 30k per hour, later he changed it to 30k per week,
Then he was challenged to make 30k, he twisted it to 5k.

On the end the only way he can win is if he takes my FFZ roulette computer, make something then claim it’s made with his system.

In the case he wants to prove his GW he needs to
make money within time frame but also to make it with pattern betting.

Do not forget, according to him the strongest part of GW is supplied 333 spins after which he gives to player pattern how to bet.