Is this a dream?

I purchased system from Forester, at a special price to test some of the new improvements.

I received a email to not use it as E3 and that he will supply me with a new chip and that I need to pay for it.
For some reasons it did not work properly. But I can still use it as the original system.

I am familiar with his visual ballistic, it did not generate significant profit but I could say that winnings and loses were even.

On the end of Foresters presentation it was stated “Information and equipment that I supply such as this system, are just for information purposes only. The system is very powerful and the system can provide serious advantages over at the casino.
It is not my responsibility if anybody decides to use the system.”

I can understand why Forester is saying that, but I do not feel guilty if I use the system.

Friday night was my first try.
With $800 in my pocket I found nice spot and a dealer as Forester recommends.
Changed $200 to chips and played a single $5 chip for each spin. I start trying to define the offset. Clockwise direction the system was showing that offset is zero and counter clockwise it was about 120.After a few spins I start to including it in my prediction. I was covering 3 numbers and I had one hit. But when I played clockwise most of the time the ball passed my numbers by a few. So I added it to the offset. In the other direction it was ok the ball sometimes stopped before my numbers sometimes just pass it or prediction was completely wrong.

I start covering more numbers (4-6), with offsets of 50 and 120, I had another hit.
Soon after another. Sometimes I placed some chips on split numbers. It was going pretty well, I was slowly winning. In about 1 hour I more than doubled my money. New dealer, I did not want a change I was happy with the old one. This one spins the ball very fast and wheel slow.
I waited until the ball slows down and try a prediction by placing 3 chips.
I could not get a single hit when the ball was going clockwise and I had only one hit in counter clockwise. It looks that the offset for clockwise has changed to zero or minus 5 numbers.

I start by using zero because it is easier. By my in understanding a change has happened because of the slower wheel. When ball was going in the other direction the dealer did spin wheel slightly faster and the offset did not change significantly.
However I played zero and 120. Increase my bets and start winning so I start placing more chips on each numbers. Soon after that chips start coming and coming.
I was winning I was placing more chips. On some numbers 5 chips or I start placing $25 chips. I start getting excited really excited , I had no idea how much I did win but it must be over $3000 full pockets and load of $5 and $25 chips in front of me.
Another new dealer, I hate it. Who knows how this one will spin. First spin looks the same as the first dealer so I start using the first offsets. On the third spin I won, then again maybe on the fifth spin.
I was covering about 7 numbers, and I start increasing the amount of chips again.
I win again, some chips go into my pocket and some I used to play.
On a few occasions I lost the chips in front of me so I had to take some from my pocket.
Then again win and place them back. A new dealer again, this man is crazy, he spins the wheel so fast that I can not see the numbers. Maybe it is only his first spin. Next spin was slightly slower but still too fast, I placed some chips a few times but I lost. I lost about 40 $5 chips.

I asked the dealer to change my remaining chips to $100 value. He changes it to $405.
The $5 chip I placed on zero, but did not win, so I walked away. With $400 in my hand and pocket full of chips I went to cashier. Total $7375. I thought that I must be dreaming. Never before have I won so much. Is it system or beginners luck? I do not care I was so happy.

With all that money I run home. Driving and still thinking was it real. I realized I was driving too fast. Slow down. My wife was happy; we agree that she takes $5000 so that money will never come back to the casino. And I still have $2375 and my remaining $600 to play.

When again, tomorrow, why not. I will not go in to details here but Saturday night was not as good. I made a few mistakes, and the dealers were not as good and I tried to play a few wheels, without defining the proper offsets. At one stage I was about $2000 in front but I end up walking home with just over $700. Sunday, why not again. I looked for the same table.
I got the spot, and again with $200 to start, I used same offsets as from Friday night, it was ok but many times I missed the by a number or 2. I was winning but not as fast as the first night.
So I played one sometimes 2 chips on each number. Dealers were coming and going,
At one stage I stopped playing, walked around and waited for new dealer. This one is ok but it was a night and I cold not get the right spot at my table, I could not see the wheel properly, after few spins I got my favorite spot, so I moved to the closest place to the wheel. Win, lose win lose, and so on. Sunday night ended with $1830 profit. What a lovely weekend I have almost $10000 . My wife took me another $2000 but I did not complain. It is too early to say is it Forester device or luck, but honestly I think that it is the device. When I observe the wheel I clearly see how ball is hitting the prediction. If the ball just touches the diamond then it goes to opposite side but
every time when ball hits the diamond strongly stops at the predicted numbers or close to them. I have another question that I do not have answer.
If I am in possession of so accurate a device what would it be like if Forester could finish the improvements. But more then that I would like to know, why he is selling it. I can not find a logical answer. If device is so good why he does not play it and keep it only for himself. It would not be any good for anybody if he sells a 1000 devices. The only answer that I could think of is that he is banned from the casinos to play or that for some reason he can not play. I will play again next weekend maybe earlier.
I hope that next time when I play everybody in casino will not play same way as I do.
So questions for Forester:
May I know how many devices are you planning to sell?
Why don’t you play?
And why you really selling it?
Did you ever think of selling fewer but for a higher price?

Less stress

Less thanks for nice writing. It looks better then your email.
Let’s say that it was just luck.
And if you want real device then you pay much more.
How do you feel about it? You didn’t buy it until i had promotion and lowered the price. Now you are worried how many i will sell. And proposing to increase price. Hmmmm
To be honest i can not win every weekend $10 000. I could before but now is harder. I can not play my system for hours it needs good focusing maybe I am getting old lol.
And if i go to casino to often and win definitely they will stop me completely. I was close to that.
I start selling E1 for fun and that is the only reason.
For how long i will sell it i do not know. There is no 1000 of E2 devices I made only 20+so do not worry you will be ok for while.
I am not banned from casino i still play.
At least i know that you read notice that i sell devices only for educational purposes. So take care and don’t over do it. If you watch movies you know what happens to greedy people.

Oh yes, maybe you can copy this post to GG or you are worried that then will be to many devices around.
If you do, don’t write your personal details or you will be in trouble faster then you think.

Look this :

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I really dont know what to make of this fella.

I have done a bit of hunting and found out some things:-

Domain Name: MYRULET.COM

Forester ([email protected])
Tel. +61.404884202

So, this dude has a website called, registered under a non existant company, to a non existant email account, I havent phoned as I dont wanna waste my time, would be funny if he picked up though…!
GCMC is Gold Coast mailing centre BTW. and what about his spelling ??

So, in my summation, a scammer. prove me wrong if you can Mr. Forester.

OMG i cannot bring my mobile any more to casino. If someone wants to find do i play he can call and see whose mobile is ringing.
This sucks. Wondering is his real name is doggy77 if not why is not.
I didn’t notice that any single person on forum used real name.
If he did so much research on me why he didn’t make and last step?
It will give him prove what he is looking for.
One point he is right, English is not my first tongue :lol: :lol: :lol:

some people just can’t get it

I realised that I may have upset you with some of my questions or conclusions. I would like you know that I’ve published results of my winnings at another message board. Hope this will help to set things stright.

It is ok just let me do what i want to do, and you make another 10 t for your wife. Do not use any card as reword points if you play.

Thank you Forester for those extra secrets I did not know about. I’ve been playing roulette for several years before I got Forester’s electronics device. I’ve been playing system for 2 months and results are very positive. Support from Forester is on high level his answers are straight and simple. For everybody I strongly recommended Forester’s system. If everything is implemented properly and with some money in pocket, it is imposable to lose.