Inside the edge

The documentary film, “Inside the Edge”, features the professional blackjack players who take on casinos for millions while trying to evade casino surveillance and local law enforcement. Director Chris follows the life of KC, a second-generation professional blackjack player, as he concludes his blackjack career traveling the United States from casino to casino. Through years of unprecedented footage and interviews with the foremost gambling authorities, Buddy pulls back the veil on one of the world’s most secretive communities and reveals what it takes to succeed while grinding out a career winning big in casinos.


Full video available for seven days. Standard password

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I saw this film earlier it is not new…

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Folks, how do you understand that video if there’re no sound nor subtitles on it?
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If you have VLC select a different audio track.

You are right I think they started recording this documentary 2005. But did not publish it until summer 2019.

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Boy and girls (and anything in between). You can listen to the podcast here for more info.

For me looks that i saw it min 5 years back. I very good remember these numbers of wins and losses in casinos. I done on map very similar and plus wrote data when i played , that not to return too often. So are such feeling that i that taked from this film, if so then i saw it even more early…