Informative Site


I recently found your site and I am astounded at the the amount of information it contains!

I have studied roulette prediction methods for several years. Mainly, my prediction methods have been based on linear equations which have had only limited success. Your E2 and E3 methods are remarkable in their simplicity and accuracy.
I hope to develop a way of employing a cell phone to use in applying E2 and E3 in the casino.

You mention on your site E5 and Tilt1 as your most recent and successful prediction methods. You also state that you will be revealing the theory behind each method. I am anxiously awaiting this information as I would enjoy studying these approaches with the goal of some day using them as prediction tools.

My only regret is that the really good posts to your forums seem to have ‘dried up’. I assume that this is because the Boys Club forum has become the forum of choice for the members studying your methods.

Thank you for a fantastic web site on roulette.



Thank you Anam,
Yes there is some information but not as much as I want.
My web page and forum need significant changes.
There is some material that I do not mind to write publicly, but this days I do not have much time to do it. In near future I will publish some interesting facts


I am sure I speak for many others in saying that your site is unusual in its honesty and class. Your explaination of the principles behind E2 has opened up a whole new vista of study for me in my personal quest to understand and discover ways of beating roulette.

I look forward to any new information your feel comfortable disclosing to members of myrulet.