If you could choose your outcome

If you had a choice of one advantage, while sacrificing others, what would it be?

High Return on Investment? Risking $50 but making $2500.

High Profit? Risking $10,000 but making $5,000. Or 15K and making 9K.

Having a whopping player’s edge?

Never having to put up with variance.

Now I understand that a lot of these things tie into each other, so it’s a hypothetical fantasy question at best. I also know that every AP at one point bitches about one or two of the issues never working out in their favour. As much as I hate variance, I would have no issue with it if I had an amazing ROI.

I didn’t include having a team of other skilled AP’s as an option as I think everyone would vote for it. I’m curious on some of the opinions here.

I’ve voted for “higher ROI”.

A higher player edge is presumably one of the conditions to get higher ROI ,so how come it is a separate option?

But if I had a large enough bankroll and needed a steady money flaw I’d probably go for a low variance.

The main reason I had a separate option from high edge vs high ROI is because there are a lot of people with a high edge that still play like shit. High ROI basically means that you not only have an edge, but you can also make the proper money management decisions to maximize it.

High ROI is always a great situation. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree!

Sorry to disagree but I always go for the main game Profit!

Then why not play the lottery?


Because I cannot make any profit playing the lottery but I would rather make $1000 profit at roulette than have a 10% ROI from my $1000 outlay.

So you would rather spend 1000 to make 1000 and that is NOT a higher ROI? I understand that all these terms go hand in hand with one another, but if your 1-1 ratio is not your ideal goal, then is it fair to assume that you would be more impressed by winning 2,000 after wagering 15,000 than by winning 600 after wagering 1000 or winning 1200 after wagering 300. If you are an EC player I guess I can understand your logic.

Personally i would anyday choose a system that won consistent. If i play say 74 placed bets in one night only playing clock wise spins within a certain rotor speed time frame, and i generally was hitting 8 times in 37 spins betting 5 numbers (expectation 5/37) i would rather have these hits rationally distributed over the 74 spins rather than have 10 hits from spin 64 to 74. The psychological strain in long periods with nearby hits can be draining because you can`t help yourself thinking wether you should adjust your observations, or not, because your setup maybe was wrong.

A STRONG analysis for the setup and dicipline to carry through once the setup is there is essential.


What is an EC player please?


Even Chances or Outside.

Aaahh OK!

But no I am definately not an EC player.

Perhaps you could call me a player of anomalies?

A little like a tilted wheel player but without the obvious advantages.

I play RWD and VB and DS and other anomalies that may be running on a wheel.

Keep winning


For me it is high profit, however i do not want high profit in short term, i want it to maintain over the long run. Other choices also decent.