I have sold a system that doesn't exist

Last night I was chatting with a friend on MSN.
I asked him did you visit forum and see video with FF talking.
He replayed NO, so he took some time to see it.
He replied.
That is my dream comes true. Can it be used by two players? How much?

I said that I do not know how much and the price shouldn’t be same for anybody and for someone who already bought FF. After some talk I said that probably I will look for $1000 for members and for the others $2000. But you need to buy your own HA ($270).

He asked me “can I send you money now to make sure I get it first”. ;D

(I think the price is fair only I would like to charge one person 5x more because he started all trouble offering to pay whatever just to push me in that direction.) :stuck_out_tongue:

I do not want to be bothered with buying HA then reselling it because even if I add $200 I would not be happy doing it.

Buy your own hearing aid.

I may consider buying 5 or 10 at once for people who want to get new system
We can get 40% discount plus ~$50 on postage because it will be posted all together and I need to post the system anyway.
Check it here http://www.microearpiece.com/prices.html scroll down for discounts.