How to set the FFZ roulette computer

Roulette computer setup to win

Do not forget it was only 20x20 cm picture

Nothing appears in this post when I view it???


If you use firefox it will instruct you to install DIVX player.

No comments except one received by email which make me laugh all evening.
I hope that you have no problem viewing it.

Tomorrow a limo is taking me to post office .

Thank you, I had already downloaded DIVIX and it worked liked a charm. Now, after seeing the "new" chip, I am going to start bugging you 10x's a day to send:). I am sending a limo to your house to take you to post office:). You are the man. Nice upgrade with the offset and good explanation. Now if only the audio would work? I know you'll figure a way.

I am really pain in the a… I should send it in December.


Can someone explain me whot “limo” means?
Can I send another limo to you Forester?



Limo = limousine

Just hope Forester doesn’t start arriving at his Casino front door in a big white limo because the girls will be meeting him on the footpath instead of in the bar!


Huh, Mike be careful.
Crogirl may be around. :wink:

I thought she was the one in the bar? ;D

No, I’ll definitely be arriving in the limo with him :slight_smile:

Good and I suggest that you stay handcuffed to him, or blindfold him, so that you are the one in the limo with him on the way home too. ;D ;D ;D

Nooooo, Crogirl knows that the FF is not designed for blind people.

You think you’re funny Forester? smartass

I think you need a blindfold every time you go outside for a smoke so you won’t be able to check out all those pretty girls who seem to be all alone and desperate.

Nooo, that’s not truth, not all of them are preaty. :-\