How to measure wheel speed?

If someone asked me such questions - the simplest answer would be - with taimer. This is a very simple and very accurate. But this is not always possible. One of the solutions - to train taimer in mind, some phrase - which can always talk over the same period. However,how it appeared to me, not so easy, in addition, the errors can be very expensive.
So how you measure wheel speed without timer ?

Hi bebediktus,

A practical solution to this would be using a metronome watch (google it).

I’m open to any other suggestions though.


But my question was how measure without any device ?

Learn to sing with same tune or fast count.
On 1.5 sec you should be accurate within 100ms.

If there is a laser reader with a red beam attached to the wheel, some of them is blinking with a steady pace. Focus in the area below the reader and when zero is passing use the blink to start a count and keep focusing on the spot where zero were when you started the count. Count the blinks until zero passes its starting point again. Obviously you need to know the timeframe of the blinks.

If you wanna train a head count like ABC1, ABC2, ABC3, ABC4 = 4 secs. you buy a stop watch and start training. There are also some download stop watches where you use the key board to stop and start the watch, some of them are pretty good, because they keep a printable log file where you can see how you are doing. Also, with a manual stop watch, you need to train to actually press correct to get a precise reading.

Yes I was training similar count in mind, but when I am siting in front computer and learning is all OK , but at casino it a bit other conditions and i always have uncertainity if it is only bad scatering or maybe I mised count. That ucertainity is because if you count till 4 sec and make prediction 10sec. till end one wrong number can produce about 4-6 numbers error. It depends on a way in which you do prediction.

If I play my way if counting, 6 pockets is acceptable.
If looking to define particular rotation then it may be 1-2 rotations wrong and it gives error of rotor movement for that time.
It is possible to lose count during play. I know it when I see strange results.

Ithink, i shoud work more to make perfect timmer.