Hi everybody, i am new and i have a question ;p

ok, first of i wanna say hi to everyone in here!
now what i would like to know is, i am new at roulette computers stuff, i know u need to clock the wheel first and then the ball speed so the computer will be able to make the predictions. as my best understand we need to have a reference point(so 0 is used the most because is green and easier to indentify), now maybe is here where i am confused…about the diamond where we need to look the number below, which one should be and why? i am very interested in buying a roulette computer…i read many things about mark and stefanos in the internet so this is really crazy business hehehe, another thing i would like to know, how easy is the use of the computer in a casino enviornment, since we need to be discret, clock the speeds and then place the bets…with a roulette computer llike FF for example could we expect a winning of 100 euros per day using 1 euro chips or even 0,50? what would be the start bankroll, would be 100 euros achievable on profit per day? i dont wanna get rich with it, only be able to live confortable!

thanks alot!


So this is really crazy business hehehe,

Yes many crazy businesses around so welcome to another crazy place. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

The FF is bit specific computer.
Wit FF you do not need to look diamond you need to watch the ball and clock ball rotations at any place you like.
Possible advantage is dependant on what do you do how do you do it and of course on which kind of wheel you play. Since you visited Stefano’s site, on his wheel is is possible to have close to 100% advantage.
That is theoretical.
When you play you play in short time intervals and every time you may face different conditions. You cannot always be spot on in defining what the best is where is the highest advantage and definitely you will not always play such wheel.
But if you end up with 20% it is ok.
So do your math. For every spin played you profit in average 20%.
In your case if you play $10 per spin in 2 hours (40 spins) you should end up with $80 profit.

But with advantage play in usual it isn’t like that or at least not with me.
Once you see that you are ok and start winning it is natural to start increasing bets.
When I play I may start with $20 per spin and after 1 hour I could play few hundreds per spin.