Hand written numbers and letters recognition software

Hi, everybody :). Im facing nessecity to make excel recognise numbers and letters written by hand. Basicly its boring to put the data manually caracter by caracter from standart casino card to the excel, Ra … If anyone has expirience in the field of optical caracter recognition (of these written by hand) please share your expirience.


Good luck with your request and if you are successful please let me share your experience.

I have manually punched hunderds of thousands of numbers into Excel over the years and I am pretty happy with my formulae and spreadsheet but I agree it is a pain although after a few thousand you do get skilful at it.


I apreciate your imput, Mike. The thing that helps me now is to have somebody to read the casino card as a number sequence, one column at the time… so l can focus myself entirely on the imput. Putting one column at the time permits to have more control as well… just make the person to read one entire row of data from time to time, so you can see if columns correlate. There are some programms out there… then l finish investigate, lll definitely let you know. :wink:

Use Optical Character Recognition software

Do use any specific one? Could you recomend one?

I used it long time ago, no idea what it was.
It worked reasonably, I assume new software could be only better.

Thanks for your imput… it makes me belive it is actually posible… there is one called free ocr… its reasonably good, but not for hand written caracters. There should be one that post office use to recognise post codes… l found copple companies specialising on it and contacted them for more info/trials… Now just have to be passient :(… its cristmas time after all…

Just few days back i tryed to count how long takes me to write to excel data of 1000 spins. Usually it takes not more than hour and it includes time value - not only numbers and marks. So i think to spend time for something better than manual writing is simple economically bad.

Abbyy flexcapture sdk. Its a way to go… can be requested as a trial from their website and has hand written caracters recognition. Its a pain in the ass to configure, but when up and running its becoming your best friend.