As far as I can see is this a AP forum and there is not much interest in Systems.

In case someone wants to try something different I have written an eBook about the Great Universal Theory of Roulette. It describes how numbers and repeats hit and how to use the info for bet strategies.

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The GUT doesn’t work, and for obvious reasons.


Well, Snowman, this is what you post on every forum directed towards every system.

While you wait for a suitable table for your game I do this day by day whenever I like.



is there existing some software or similar system for calculation of roulette bias? does the GUT system is some kind of this but on short period?


Well, Snowman, this is what you post on every forum directed towards every system.

Not every system, Here he never complained about any system.

While you wait for a suitable table for your game I do this day by day whenever I like.

If I remove your posts you will say it is unfair, if i don’t people will laugh at you.

(I just lost 10 minutes of my life)


da quello che ho capito, questo sistema è basato sulla legge del terzo. come tutti sappiamo, la legge del terzo dice che su 36 numeri in 36 giri, 24 usciranno e 12 si doppieranno di media. il sistema aspetta circa 25 giri e poi se ci sono le condizioni inizia a mettere in gioco i numeri che non sono usciti. diciamo che può esserci un vantaggio perchè su 36 giri è probabile che usciranno quasi sempre più numeri non usciti che numeri doppi. gioca su incroci di numeri non usciti e numeri usciti una due o tre volte. la percentuale deve essere metà e metà. cioè se ci sono 19 numeri non usciti e 18 numeri usciti è un incrocio e si giocano i numeri non ancora usciti. il sistema è abbastanza intelligente. ma purtroppo la roulette non gli interessa la legge del terzo ed è per questo che è perdente, anche se con una certa fortuna può dare dei risultati. ma per guadagnare qualcosa dobbiamo usare i sistemi balistici e non sistemi statistici.
ps: ho scritto tutto in italiano perchè era troppo difficile scriverlo in inglese. potete tradurre il commento : D


is there existing some software or similar system for calculation of roulette bias? does the GUT system is some kind of this but on short period?
GUT is not about wheel bias. It just exposes and exploits statistics of how roulette numbers hit.

roulette extreme has a tool to identify sectors that his above average.


The GUT doesn’t work, and for obvious reasons.

Si, I am sure and he too.

Christian Kaisan Roulette Bibel, Las Vegas DVD



do you know what is GUT about? Did you bother to study?

Funny how narrow-minded people talk down new things just because they don’t understand the potential.

If anybody can not see the advantage of visualising how numbers hit compared to the statistical expectation then please just move on. I know this is not for everyone.


The fact that the system is even called the GUT is absurd. It’s nothing more than binomial distribution.
Observing it is like observing that numbers hit about once every 37 spins. Such an observation doesn’t tell you which numbers are more likely to hit, and knowing the probability of the game doesn’t enable you to side step it.

Now here’s something that you don’t know about the “law of the third”. The law of the third, which the GUT basically plagiarizes, has actually been around for quite a long time. It only became popular after 1982 because of two gamblers that were involved in an incident in North Hampton. Specifically the Rubicon Club Casino.

The two men were playing visual ballistics and were busted using while using a hidden communication device. (The device enabled the vb observer to discretely say the predicted number into the player’s ear so that he could then bet a 12 number section of the wheel.) (It was not a computer.) They had been winning quite a bit of money, all over Europe with their method. When interrogated by the police, the Polish member of the group, Paul Phillips, claimed to be a mathematical genius that had invented a method based on the “Phillip’s Law of The Third.” Of course, both the name of the man and the system were just a cover story for the visual ballistics.

After being arrested and spending the night in jail, the police chose to let them out of jail and offered them a chance to prove that they weren’t cheating by demonstrating their 12 number betting method. So they did, over five whole spins. LOL! When they hit three or four times, the casino and police were flabbergasted at their hit rate. (Keep in mind the police and gaming were basically as stupid and naive as they are now.) Consequently, reports of the law of the third’s success spread like wild fire! Everyone wanted in on the system. Even to this day people naively believe that the law of the third can win. All because of a cover story.

Of course, later on, people like Ron Shelly and George Melas came to realize what was really taking place. The men were visual ballistic/wheel watchers. They continued onward, making millions on their tour across Europe. As did some German teams. Their success led to the invention and production of the low profile wheel.

So their you have it. The GUT is a farce. It’s a built upon a cover story created by two clever visual ballistic players that made it popular back in 1982.

By the way, I just happen to be friends with both of the men involved in the story. :wink:


Well, as I said the System is not for everyone.

However, thanks for sharing that interesting story of your friend’s success with VB.


Whether it works or not is not the main issue here.
I don’t like the fact that you took someone else creation (GUT) and sell it yourself.

If you think it is your creation then name it otherwise. GUT is a very specific approach created by a very specific person. Shame on you!

PS: I don’t even understand the basics of GUT, but that’s besides the point.


[quote=“kavouras”]Whether it works or not is not the main issue here.[/quote]

No, that is main. When somebody which i not know, ask me how i play - I also create some “system” simply because not explain what i really do…
Not create on fly but have ready some descripttion , but that isnt true … And that do i necesary.
So maybe GUT is kind of that system…


The GUT isn’t original, and it doesn’t work for obvious reasons.


I don’t claim to be the creater of GUT and I don’t sell the Method. I sell an easy to understand 150 pages book about Winkel’s Theory and basic bet method. Where I took from the man that is not able to explain in a clear way I cited him. The rest is mine. All done according to international citation standards.

The merit is to make an educated guess about which numbers will hit next. Same as you AP guys are trying to do.

educated guess

Based on what?


based on binominal distribution, categories of how often numbers have hit, experience how numbers are distributed across the various categories. And in the advanced version a combination with other phenomenons.

For many haters that is just gamblers fallacy. Those who studied it find it helpful. I myself make nice profits with it as you can see in my videos.

Much of GUT is still available on forums, interested playes find links on my website. Many posts have been deleted by Winkel and are only available in my eBook.


The GUT doesn’t work because the same number of pockets remain on the wheel from one spin to the next. Furthermore the GUT has been simulated over zillions spins and it was proven to lose, as expected, at the house edge.

If you want to really learn how to win by getting the edge, then read the forum.


I accept your opinion snowman. I’m not here to convince anyone. I just took the chance to offer my product in the sales section.

I do not believe in wheel bias nowadays. But I win with VB and I win with GUT.

One man, 2 ways.

Just to correct you. GUT has not been testet. What KonFuSed tested was the first crossing 18 vs 17 and the test did not “read the trott” and did not discriminate between favorable and bad spots.

But it true that his test resulted in -2.7%


[quote=“SystemGambler”]Just to correct you. GUT has not been testet.[/quote]

GUT is mathematical system which have very clear rule where to bet. So such test can do every in minutes.
Now say are situattion when system suggest you to bet on some 14 numbers.

So describe forces, which will push ball more often - to fall in theese 14 numbers ?

When i play and bet mine combinattion of numbers - I know that this combinattion was constant winner in past 100…1000…10000 spins and must be some enormal changes that sudenly theese numbers will become loosers…

So such enormal changes are rare, that is one and other is big chance, that i probably will see that change and will react to it.