G.Caro antique roulette wheel

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could possibly help me & tell me any information about this roulette wheel; it’s a full size mahogany & brass european style wheel labelled ‘G.Caro fabricant Paris’ In need of some restoration but spins perfectly. Any further information on age, manufacturer, value & where & how would be the best way to sell it would be gratefully received. (I am based in the UK)

Many Thanks



Its a Caro wheel as you say and i would value it around 3 - 500 GBP, maybe less, i was offered one like that in slightly better condition in that price range. It needs a bit of touch up and if you know what you do, you can shine it up yourself. The first part of the posts in the following link is from a guy restoring a Caro wheel in a somewhat worse condition than youra.


In the bottom they have shown a home made tool for measuring rotor wobble.

That’s lovely set of pictures.

But where is the zero! :o

Thanks for replies.
Oh :o that’s interesting, I hadn’t even noticed! Why is there no zero? Anyone know? Does that make it older/more unusual?
All I know about it’s history is that it was rescued from a fire at a casino in the late 50s/early 60s & has been in my parents house since about 1968…would love to know more but can’t seem to find much info esp about 1 with no zero! Again any info/theories much appreciated!

Maybe your father was doing some research.

Imagine we all go back 60s and play.

From this forum only Mike McBain was playing at that time.

No zero, I believe they were having different payouts.

Thanks for pointing out the missing zero Forester, after more research & emails it seems it may be from an early Casino in Britain when the house weren’t allowed an advantage so it was commissioned to be made by Caro. Unfortunately my Father, who acquired it, has passed away so I can’t find any more about which casino or its history but my Mum seems to recall he said there was only 8 of them ever made! So it’s a collectors item…just need to find someone to collect it! 8)