FFV-U roulette computer review

[color=blue]My friend Viper sent me this email and asked me to publish it.

Today I received FFV U.
I tested it a lot! Please post my review of it in your forum.

I have 3 words to say about the FFV U.

1)Extermely Flexible
2)Extremely Easy
3)Extremely Accurate!!

I tested it in 4 defferent Tilted wheels DVDs.
I set it every time at the DD hit ONLY!
I set in 1 spin…
I did testing in all the revolutions in that particular spin…
All revolutions test was Accurate almost with the SAME number prediction at the strike point! (1-2 pockets difference was the biggest…and it is completely natural)
Then I continued testing in all the spins of the dvd…Almost all spins were predicted Accurate at the strike point!(this was the testing)

The 80% of predictions were taking advantage of the 2nd PIN also… when I was clocking later in revolutions!
The 60% of predictions were taking advantage of the 2nd Pin when I was having very early predictions!(completely natural…or should I say BETTER than natural!)

The last vibration indications b[/b] that shows the time when the ball will HIT the DD was Extremely accurate like the predictions.

The Rotor clocking was Something Amazing because of the flexibility to clock at any place!( I missed that option when I had the FFA)
Also NO wires at all!(I have also missed that option with FFA)

Even if the rotor speed was 5 secs per REVOLUTION with the “the break through idea of giving the opposite prediction” it was giving me the predictions VERY FAST!
After testing the strike point I did Offset adjustment which was very easy and the FFV U were giving me ACCURATE Offset.

When I was (on purpose) making mistakes in ball clocking the FFV U were NOT giving me prediction!

Conclusion : FFV U is the Ultimate VB tool!


1)Because it is very hard to miss the correct Revolution calculation.
2)Because the rotor calculation relation to the correct revolution is more accurate than VB.
3)Because we can have prediction in any revolution of the spin.

Besides the differences that I have with Forester I have promised him that I would make a review of the FFV U. …
Thank U Forester for the nice opportunity.

Ps.If all professional VB players would test the FFV U…I do not know IF they would still keep playing VB without it!

FFV U =Less room for mistakes and flexibility to predict in any revolution.

Man If I ever had the knowladge to crate a RC THIS IS THE RC THAT I would be perfectly satisfied to make !

CONGRAGULATIONS!!!From the bottom of my heart.

well that made me LAUGH ;D

while the roulette world is waitng for our very own viper to report back, :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\

he does,but WITH A FLYING COLOURS REPORT FOR FORESTERS NEW FFv-u :o :o :o :o :o ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

IT JUST MAKES YOU WONDER WHY THAT FORESTER AND STEVE ar from the same country yet steve cant even set up a video nor send viper a device to him quicker than forester can ??? ??? ??? ok ,and not even set up a video conference,how long spdoes that really take to set up

now let me see ,what year we got ,geeeeeeeeeeez its 2010 :o :o :o

i think that tells a story

well done viper and i admire your trouthfullnes ,thats a true quility in a man

just one point that you make comparisons with the FFa-u,ok sure cos you owned that too,so you where right to

but dont forget FFa-u will give player predictions number at ,welll rrrrrr,well a click of a sithc ,a blink of an eyelid :o :o :o 8) 8) 8)

but hey mate i get the picture you sure seem impressed as do others here ,I spoke to forester the day ,and also saw here that duffy was very impressed too,he has also FFa-u and some other RCs

He was well Pleased ;D ;D ;D

ok will look forward to you getting back to the forum

maybe after that glowing report, forester might ,AHAAAAAAAAAAA I get it,I see what your up to

youll never get passed old SECUIRTYMAN :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


ok IM OFF ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Who cares?

I just make new devices so people who won to much money can spend it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting is how Viper instantly understood how devices as FFZ or FFV have great flexibility of clocking.

Yes FFV is handy its only 5mm in height. Easy to use no wires required no induction lop around neck no earpieces in ear.

Once I was holding it in my hand and playing.
(of course I only imagine playing, I would never use devices it is only for testing …HAHAHAHAHA)

FFV-U should be called “Franky”

The truth is that I wanted one device as this for myself but Franky is the one who was always pushing me to make it.
Lucky he never crossed border and respected my space and time.

I’m interested in buying a FF-V and was wondering if they are still just pre-order or if they are for sale. I’m sure the availability is posted some where in the forums but I missed it, so I figured I would just ask here.



I got one “franky” too :smiley:

Looks great!

i can say only the same like viper…
i like the little FFV U
between he bring me good money ;D in real casino all days :-*

FFV is completed.

New myrulet shop look


HEHEH all am only worried for what Franky will say.
He is the one what wanted FFV the most. :stuck_out_tongue:

Duffy, be careful, it is lovely place over there, but maybe it is enough.

I learn more about some people here form other forum sites.


Posted by Kelly
“I said i only know 3 real pros and some 5 - 6 semi pros. “Duffy” from foresters site is one of those that as far as i know would qualify as a semi pro, but he was also an advantage player before he joined foresters board. He wasnt in the first count so i will extend it to 6 - 7 semi pros. It doesnt mean that there arent any more in the world, just that i dont know them.
…Duffy is able to make an advantage with anything that makes a regular zap, so im sure he can manage to get something out of foresters devices too. I don`t know what he is using now though.”

!!! :-X …

I’ll give you a lesson.
If you want to be a pro then stop chasing every skirt. :stuck_out_tongue:

i thing kelly he don’t mean me!!! he confuse somethings

I know, people make mistakes. :smiley: