Drop Zone Reports

I notice on the John Huxley web site they say…

A selection of the reports available includes:
• Turnover vs. Game Speed
• Turnover per Player vs. Number of Games
• Table Utilisation
• Game Breakdown by Number of Players
• Turnover Breakdown by Number of Players
• Wheel Bias
• Drop Zone

Has anyone ever seen one of these Drop Zone reports?
I am wondering if any of the Casino’s using them actually adjust their wheels to change drop zones and at what level of bias would they take some action?


Although not a real casino report you can see how it looks like if you scroll down to figure 5.

Thanks Kelly an interesting patent document.

But for the life of me I cannot understand why anyone would use Counter Clockwise CCW instead of Anti-clockwise AC?


Mr. Witty the inventor does appear to be from AU according to the document. The law firm of Brooks, Cameron, & Huebsch,PLLC are big players over here across the pond in regards to patent processing. Since it is a US patent my guess would be that is the format that is required by our patent office over here, hence CCW instead on anti-clockwise. You do bring up a good point though. I will call the firm on Monday and get a clarification for you and post my findings. It will be interesting to see what the answer is.


Thanks Chuck…

Wikipedia explains it…
The opposite sense of rotation or revolution is (in American English) counterclockwise (CCW), or (in Australian English, Indian English, Irish English, New Zealand English and British English) anticlockwise (ACW).
You yanks do things differently!

And Google shows 4.29 million results for CCW compared to only 2.09 million for ACW!

Here is Simon Witty’s profile…
With a rare combination of specialist technical knowledge and a proven track record in building profitable business partnerships, I have worked within the casinos and gaming industry for over 15 years. I have a wide breadth of international experience and have developed key skills in a variety of disciplines including finance, marketing, product development, legal, compliance, intellectual property as well as general management. I am the inventor of several gaming related Patents and am currently serving as the Managing Director of TCS John Huxley Australia based in Sydney

Interesting because I did not even know they had an Australian Office.

Forester might also like to comment on their laptop graphic showing wheel Spin Speed as a perfect straight line?


Without having a solid test of the wheel spin decelleration curve, my first guess would be that it IS a linear line if its a relative new wheel.

I have a friend in the UK who is a member of this forum who is crying the blues because the majority of the clubs have, or are going to the Huxley MK VII wheel with the Vel-Stone upper ball tracks and razor frets. I understand that the MK VII has 3 sensors in it. Judging by this picture right thumb nail at http://www.tcsjohnhuxley.com/en/service-and-support/wheel-servicing.html showing the precision build on this wheel one would think VB2 would be killer because of the consistency of the mechanism. I agree with you Kelly on the linear deceleration. I would think those 3 sensors could be exploited to some degree to assist in plotting the linear decay of velocity in the upper ball track as the kinetics of the play wind down after dealer release.

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Yes 3 drop zones should temporaryly be possible to exploit with a slight advantage. I dont think they are self levelling.

Have you been to the new huge Aspers Casino in Stratford (London North East) ? Its Huxleys out there and it looks like the ones with sensors. Im told they run you through a finger print scanner but actually has a lousy vallet, drink, cloth … whatever … service. Well the statement was from 1 week after the opening, so things could have improved since.

No, I have not been to that casino in London. Does sound rather posh though. I do play in LV on a regular basis, and our local casinos within a 225 mile radius of my residence of which I have close to 45 to choose from. I find the finger print scanner concept a bit disturbing, but most of the casinos over here already have facial and eye recognition software already in place. If they go to retina scanning at the door we will all be in trouble. :o

They say a good diabetes can change any retinal patterns, but thats maybe a bit drastic.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. (except for the herpes that went back home)

I love the game, but voluntary diabetes does seem a bit drastic. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. (except for the herpes that went back home)” per your quote above. That’s very funny! I was in LV last year when the porn convention was taking place, perfect timing, not. Made me ponder if STD’S can be trasmitted by airborne paticles. It was a real eye opener though, that’s for sure. I’ve never seen so much silicone and spandex in one place in all my life!

I just got off the phone with Tim at Brooks, Cameron, & Hubesch PLLC in regards to the $64,000 dollar question in regards to anti-clockwise/CCW. It is being referred to the individual that worked on the patent and they will get back with me at some point by either email or phone line. So when I get a defined answer i will pass it on.


Thanks Chuck…appreciate your persistence and contacts!


Final Update:
The law firm that handled the patent never got back with me so I called the US patent office with the same question. The answer was: " it is the required protocall to use clockwise and counter clockwise for this type of submission ". Short and sweet.


G’day Chuck

Yeah and confirms that it a cultural difference thingo!

But I still think anti-clockwise and AC is shorter and sweeter than counter-clockwise and CCW!


Keep winning

PS. Maybe I could modify my Avatar to show the ball travelling AC - WOW? :smiley: