Discussion With Former Roulette Croupier

Just had a discussion with a friend who was a former roulette croupier. I was talking to him about the possibility of what he described as “reading the wheel”. I asked him if a player consistently placed late bets and was winning, would he attract too much attention? he said that generally they do not have as much security around roulette AP’s as they would around Blackjack AP’s as apparently “wheel reading” is not a “proven” method, thus they do not care as much about it. He described the scatter of the ball, (thanks to the diamond) as the casino bosses main idea that the outcome of the game is not predictable. This is good news for us AP’s as providing we do not win too much, and too often, we will always remain undetected.

gambler are you located in Europa? just littel curios …


Im from Australia, although i wouldnt mind playing roulette in Europe, i heard the wheels there are a little better then the ones down our end.