Clear evidence that Stefano's system=DS

Have fun.

I’m bored to be always right.

Hi Bago,

Did I miss something?

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Stefano the fruitcake will surely delete the page, shame is a feeling you have when you are exposed so deeply. But you will have access to it through my website. Bago loves to record :slight_smile:

He is improving, before was only to submit 333, 666, or 999 spin results.

Now he is trying to make it more as bias.

He is missing critical component which I am not going to mention since tomorrow it will be added.

You mean this page Forest?

Where Stefano denies being the one who put 4 stars (the best review), but at the end of the page, it says that the author of the website is a competitor to all the other systems…

“The web site publisher, referred to as “the author”, wishes to remain anonymous and does not publish his true identity. The author has products that are in direct competition with those reviewed here”

Stefano also wishes to remain anonymous in his pictures of his so called roulette conference with empty chairs by fogging his pig face… But we know it is him, same for RSR. What a fruit cake!

Thanx Bago…where I come from Stevo would of recieved a hiding a long time ago…and I would of been first in the line.

When you make the addition of all numbers on the roulette table, you get 666, diablo number. Yes we all know it is crap but when a newbie sees that, he says to himself that Stefano must have something special, but the truth is there is nothing at all. All his purchasers get is bunch of craps based on lot of spins and based on approximations (like his update VB bullshit that has no chance to work), and he calls that advanced, OMFG!


With this page that only his purchasers have access, you can realize the BIG difference between what he claims on his scamming message boards and truth of his product.
He repeats that you have to collect 300 spins per directions for each wheel only ONCE, and then you can win consistently with only 50 spins.

What he forgot to mention is the fact he asks for 300 spins PER DEALER and per direction. And when it is done, you won’t find any peak at all, because during all this time (several days), tilt of the wheel may has changed, ball may has changed, CLEANING may have occured, air pressure etc…

He does not teach the most basic element which is: one day=one scatter.
And as Caleb mentionned, Stefano teaches DS (his system) the wrong way. He is a clown but I’m sure he knows that, this is the reason he stopped roulette and began to make electronic kidneys, IF IT IS AS GOOD AS HIS ROULETTE COMPUTERS, DEATH IS GUARANTEED TO ALL HIS CUSTOMERS! LOL!!!


What if one day we watch on TV, Steve the scientist developed electronics kidney, then they show us his old product, hart rate monitor and tell us brand name of it and interview with him. Then they show us Steve on a yacht, crossing Pacific, discovering old sinking ships and finds on one 1000 years old roulette wheel and chips made of gold.

I am puzzled why we did not see something as that until now. What is one movie for multimillionaire as Stevo? Maybe he believes hart rate monitor is also a secret therefore he can’t show us to protect it from Casino investigators. I mean for someone who wins with his system 30k per hour (as previously advertised) it is really good idea to have and heart rate monitor so he can put limits to himself.

Interesting is that all that phrases, I found in a document for investments from guy I know here, he used it to scam people; It must be they were reading same book.

"Development of electronic technology: we are pioneers in the development of mobile heart-rate and blood pressure monitors. We are currently developing the world's first electronic kidneys which, if successful, will replace kidney dialysis. "
Claiming and searching sunken vessels: there are literally thousands of unfound and unclaimed sunken vessels in international waters that potentially contain precious metals. At a relatively small cost, but with enormous potential for returns, vessels can be claimed and searched. A successful expidition can return $100+ for every $1 invested.
"Roulette wheel and gambling equipment sales: gambling equipment is one of our specialities. Although we sell directly to casinos, we primarily focus on the private sector. Generally you can aquire roulette wheels from us at about half the normal retail price."

Wondering why he never makes videos on a new roulette wheel or even why he doesn’t show us one that he has. Instead he uses years old one.

Further more on his site Stevo says:

"Energy research, including development of hydrogen-powered vehicles. One of our non-profit organizations is [url=][/url] - we undertake numerous projects. We have pioneered designs for an anti-gravity craft called the "lifter", which is the world's most widely replicated anti-gravity experiment. Our lifter designs are by far the best and most efficient to date."

Is that also a secret, maybe he sells to everybody else just for some reason doesn’t want to show to roulette players? I better check maybe he owns Ford Australia.

There was a time when Stevo claimed how he is always surrounded with armed body guards to protect him his ideas and his money. Also to protect him from Mark Howe.

Interesting is that at court he come two times alone couldn’t afford even a lawyer, but in same time claimed that he is afraid for his life.

Solution is simple

Bago, you have had his computer, he claims that you did not know how to use it, he claims that he improved it a lot. Stefano also claims how his computer predicts and ball jumps.
Solution is simple,
he should send you knew one and guide you how to test and use it properly.

Same applies for Toxic, Steve claims he supplies FREE RC’s to players, profit share plan.
Now he knows that you are roulette player he should supply you RC, you win big money and let world know. In addition take one of his heart rate monitors, to check on your heart during the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

He has hes base at home and now i assume anadram wish use coders from Malayisa to low cost make hes server where you buy one account for 300 a month to get hes custom variants and bias analysis.

I know the bias analysis is crap as he does not know the difference between preserved std and actually std and upon that a specific formula to verify that the sample is not due to random fluctuation.

About custom variants if visually ballistics elements is implemented correct to calibrate cert an elements is true that they exist - but the way Stefano revile hes poor attempts to collect data make it very obvious that he know jack shit about true bias analysis and custom variants.

As i know i can tell the difference thanks to does who introduce me about this in the past.

PS i like u site Bago it is very cool …


Well thats after his improvement. >:(

Bago did you add anuthing new to to the page, i did not look for 6 months?

Stefano edited the page. You can download the original page through my website where it said:

“Keep this page private. You may not disclose it with anyone. If this page leaks, tighter security will be needed, and this will directly affect all players, including yourself. Everytime a breech occurs, use of services and tools are increasingly restricted to only better known and more trusted players.”

He deleted this part because he was going to say that this page contains only basic informations, but
Unfortunately for him, I recorded the original page, so he can’t claim that he does not care about the leak of the page, otherwise it would not have been “private”.

It’s been 3 years since you started proving to a scammer that he is a scammer?

Any improvement? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, have you seen on his website how furious he is after the publication of his “private” page?. He uncensored the word “shit”, that is a good definition for his system.
He created several fake names to give the illusion some people support him whereas noone likes him.

Now, anybody has enough evidences I’ve been telling the truth from day one, and that he is the one who told and still tell garbage about his silly dealer signature system that does not work.

He is unreal,
Look what I have found.

Another site owned by genuine winner
ask him to show you stock of wheels he has to hire

Cammegh Traditional (current model)

"International: +61 3 9727 2211 Within Australia: (03) 9727 2211 Our staff are not available to take calls at all times - primarily we are available for calls on Thursdays Australian time, from 9am-5pm. For bookings, we advise to email us directly with your requirements. "

Is this a joke?

Hi Forester,

All those websites reflect the fact his scam business is ruined. Indeed, his system/computer is known, downloadable and proven to be a scam. So, the guy NEEDS to recycle himself in OTHER areas such as his kidney bullshit and Roulette wheels for sale, and now he even sell Spins DVDS, he sank very low.

His website where he sells a bias software for Casinos was the first sign of his scam sells trouble concerning his DS system and computers.

Hi all,

I’ve been asked for the xls segregation chart that Stefano is talking about on his page:

Here it is:

Now he can’t say that his system does not rely on consistency of spins (simple dealer signature not usable nowadays). Despite this largely shared fact, he sells this for 4000$. Gosh…i am almost crying…

Best Regards.


Well I am not going to spend my time on reading what he added changed improved or whatever.

When people I know get refund form him as he promised, that will be sign for me to start taking him seriously.

For few years he makes web pages about me saying I was lying and that nobody wants refund from him.
Now at GG he says well, at that time he did not know that his customers wanted refund.
Does it give him right to say I was lying and make 50 web pages about me discrediting me as much as he could?

But let’s look at it logically.
What is the chance that all 6 people who bought his system were lying to me and that Stefano is talking the truth.
Should I trust Stefano or someone who called me every week 2 times by phone, person for whom I made some special equipment and who never asked what will be the price but just pays.

To kid in Croatia Stefano replied buying back old mobile phones.
That is how much is worth his 200% money back guaranty.

If he has serious system that works as he claims he wouldn’t sell it, if he would he wouldn’t just write how it is good he would prove it. Not by prove he wants to prove but by what he is asked to do.

He advertises giving it for free, if so then do it, so many players we both know. So let them see if it works. Viper, Bago, Jackal, snowman, all want to play all want the best, if they say its amazing what I can do except to accept it.

Instead of that he will just brag on forums me, me, me, I, I, I, buy ,buy,buy, you all are idiots have no idea how good technology I have … etc. >:(