Checking in, saying hello

So this is where the top-dogs hang out? I’m new (HERE), saying hi. Thanks, Ken


Welcome to the right place !!! ;D

I had a post deleted? lol Saying MH is full of it.

Wow, hard core here.


Man I only went on hloiday and Forester totaly revamps FFa and Mr J joins the forum

Am I missing something here or am I going mad

welcome Ken ,feel free to seek and thee shall find

for the redord Ive just came back from a very profitable month in XXXXXX

I believe he looks for Snowman :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont always post but I do check out all the forums. Snow and I are on semi-ok terms.


:wink: mmmmmm, thought you were a mod at VLS… what happenend? You do not believe in AP right? that (cough!) thing you do right?

Here is no system players that I am aware of so I don’t really get what you are doing here… that is except if you want to be argumentative again. Wizard of Oz forum comes to mind. :o Really this isn’t a forum embracing system players. Personally I don’t trust you as far as what an ant can carry you.

Then again maybe you are coming around and should be given a chance. Even 99% of AP players use to be where you are now.

So if it’s the latter. Welcome.


hello im also new here :smiley: … came looking for tips. Still struggling to understand VB though

A) Yes, I am a mod

B) Correct, not big into AP

C) “I don’t really get what you are doing here” >>> I dont answer to you.

D) I have never argued at the Wiz site. Different definitions I guess.

E) “Really this isn’t a forum embracing system players” >>> Yes I know, thanks.

F) “Personally I don’t trust you” >>> In terms of?

G) “Then again maybe you are coming around” >>> Never. If it aint broke, I have no interest fixing it.


Even 99% of AP players use to be where you are now.
I never did , only once I looked how deep progression can go if starting with smallest bets. For example playing side bets then progressing to few streets, splits and full numbers.

Take a look at this it really worked for me:
Is called The roulette killer and it will tell you what you should do ;D


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Well Melanie… if you are 22 and hot… I won’t be angry if you spam. Please post a photo! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh btw Ken. F* Off. Go to your mate Stevie boy. You two deserve each other.

You STILL trying to win Toxic? Good luck with that. :-\