Cammegh 126 spins ball jumps


Where is roulette players advantage?

I recorded 126 roulette ball jumps on Cammegh wheel. The jump distance was measured from number under the ball when it is in line with diamond. (Different then from position when it dropped on rotor). This is total jumps. You can see the ball jumped from minus 10 to plus 57 pockets. There were few more spins where the ball rolled even more which I did not include.

Here is same data but looked across 37 pockets. It means that jump to 38 pockets comes in line with 0 jump.
The green line shows from which line would be player’s advantage.

Red line shows an average across 7 pockets where you can see at position 19 the highest point.
It is very small advantage of only ~35%.

Such small and narrow advantage often is not enough to be worth playing.

I noticed in this section that some charts from before added on tinypic are lost. If someone have more data it will be appreciated.