Blackjack Computer?

I remember in the 70s/80s Taft created multiple computers to help him win some money. Throughout the years, other players have also used computers to aid them in beating blackjack. Of course, since Nevada outlawed blackjack electronic systems, many players are thrown in jail when getting caught. Although, there are a few who still get away to tell the tale of making millions by cheating blackjack.

I then see how the known scam-artist Steve tried to create but turned away from it.

If a player were to create the most sophisticated, hidden stealth-like blackjack computer now days, what all would be involved to beat the casino? I know the computer would have to some how analyze each hand along with single-double-multiple decks and be able to count in card shuffle analysis. What else could someone do to actually beat blackjack with a cheat device?

Well the edge you can get on bj compared with roulette is far much lower. Around 3%

Granted it is much lower than roulette. Although, we are in an era of technology. I’m sure someone out there has a computer system that is in fact beating blackjack. I just wonder what that perfect system would consist of and what kind of mathematics are involved or even how he goes about implementing a system to count each and every card dealt (and discarded)

Yeah, there most likely is one on the market. The easiest computer to build would be a one that just uses the MIT system, +/-. The only problem would be one with a tracking computer. How are you gonna secretly enter the data to the computer?

Why a cheat device ? use your brain.

To beat BJ very successful depends on the shuffle.
for example if there is two riffles and a bit stripping of
the cards an expert could make by ace sequenzing one
more ace as usual , that is an advantage of 8% over the house.

By shuffle tracking about 3-5 %

But someone must study at least 2-3 years.

Or what Phil Yvey did at Crockfords Casino Mayfair London.

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I watched video how it was done if I remember right in Korea.
A women placed a bag with camera looking cads. Video was transmitted to hotels room where a person was with a special keyboard feeding data to computer. Apparently, after shuffling the computer analyzing order of cards could define how they were shuffled together with predicting coming concentration of high cards.