Beating the wheel, video

I’ve watched video Beating the wheel.

It is a nice video about people who tried to predict roulette wheel with computer.

Funny is how they tried but couldn’t design good enough zap.

Instead they used 3 bit solenoids, which can indicate only 8 possibilities.

I do not like their approach, since first they had to take data from every wheel they played.

I am glad when I start developing system that I wasn’t under such influence since most people trying to follow such approach.

The FF copies parameters while you play. Copied parameters are always better then first measured then calculated.

On the end they gave up because of complicated set up and many technical problems.

I wasn’t sure did they play leveled wheel or tilted?
Since at one stage (first real play) commentator said, they have had nice tilted wheel.

They claimed their scatter was 1:5 and from possible ~700% advantage they have had 40% on today’s wheel they wouldn’t have any chance.

They play tilted wheels if you look at the formula you can see that A=level of tilt.

Ok, thanks.

It is hard to swallow that main reasons to stop playing were technical problems. Maintaining such systems for few teams will take some work but few teams should make more then what they claimed $10,000.

It is documentary video , I do not understand why they selling it?

Well history channel probably want to make money.