Auto wheel

Anyone info on Novamatic auto wheel? Also known as Admiral.

Does the rotor speed change in mid spin?

Brand new ones installed here.

G Day Mate, never seen em, is that on a normal Roulette Table or like a rapid Roulette with the touch screen?

Oh how’s the Vig going?


Hi bro. It is a airball machine wiyh loose terminals standing around it. I understand Novomatic is a swiss company I googled there name and got there website. There is mo info whether the rotor speed changes in mid spin. I am very interested because there is aaaalllloooot of time after the spin and the one wheel I looked at had a dd… and it was installed yesterday! I am ok my phone at the moment but goohle Novomatic touchbet and you will see what they look like… I didn’t play today but I would of hit a couple of times and only some bad scatter would of prevented another couple of hits.

…about the Vigi… I have had a bit of a set back because I realized the car as a whole just was too wide. I already changed the back wheel arches and reduced the width but I realized pretty quickly that the front was too wide as well… So now I am …deconstructing and reducing the width at the front arches as well. That and also the fact that I chased away my helper now has slowed down everything. When I getvthe front right within the next week or so I will post some photos again.

Cheers buddy.

Hi guys. Anyone with info? Is Snowman still around? Woukd like to take a go against it but weary it might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing


really I do not think that you will acheive some results on this or any automatic wheels because
it works like a slot machine and beleive me if it doesn’t want to pay you - it will find the way to
do it!!! if you could see in any automatic air wheel and so there is a note that it pays XX percent
of the incomes and warning about this, I have speaked with many technicians of this roulettes
and beleive me it is just another kind of slot machine and no more, if you would like to beat it
you just have to find another way but this time you have to expect to come the police in your
home some sunny morning or whilst you’re taking glass of orange juice with your girlfriend in
some place - this just is another kind of bussiness :stuck_out_tongue:

Ascertain how they works, break it down/pull it apart find a weakness and a way to exploit it. If it’s possible, why not.