Audio Prediction The Only Way Forward!

Forester & Developers,

I have seen Foresters vid of FF, saw the link on GG, to be honest it’s a rambling confusing piece that doesn’t inform us with any idea of the accuracy of the device, I have tested it myself BUT this was under very controlled conditons which would have been impossible in a real casino environment, but as we know controlled conditions cannot replicate real casinos conditions etc.

Astonishingly Stefano Hourmouzis does a much better job in his vid of your device’s test for accuracy and provides a very clear idea of the pitfalls using this device under genuine casino conditions, from your vid we can see quite clearly that an average player would find it difficult to master FF in real casino conditions which is what I have hinted at in a previous posting. Most of the time in real casino conditions you can only see half the wheel, but Hey! check out the vid, even the man that developed it has a problem, what chance have the rest of us!

The fact is not all of us, with great respect to Mike McBain have his 40 years experience in roulette so audio prediction is essential.
IF you ever want to move FF on to the mainstream IF of course that is where you want tobe then this is the way to go.
Unless you want to keep FF as a specialist item, an aid if you like to only the experienced VB players as your objective then say so, if not then provide a piece for most roulette players to use and more importantly for you and your team this will provide REAL proof of FF’s potential but you’ll need audio to do it.

The real question is, can you actually create audio prediction at all!


If you can take my word for it, I do not have problem at all to notice where the ball is in real play. The video was done on 20 cm x 20 cm part of computer screen that makes everything harder. My clocking was less accurate and of course on such small screen and defining ball position is harder. I couldn’t see numbers at all I made prediction simply by observing ball position in respect to zero.

1:15, 1:20, 1:30, 1:35 all is good. As I said many times the advantage is really defined by scatter law and the wheel quality. In real casino I even experienced for 30 spins 1:6, or many times 18 hits in 20 spins on 7-8 pockets sector.

Stefano made the video only to put down the FF. he claims that he can’t see the ball for ½ of wheel but at same time he manages to do clocking in that area just to make ball invisible as much as possible when prediction occurs. If you do clocking when the ball exits invisible area you will be able to see it 80% of time. Player who knows number order and position on the wheel shouldn’t have problem to know above which number is the ball at the time of prediction even if the ball is in hidden area. It may take some precise, it is hard for me to say because it is simple and easy for me but I do it for years.
It may look strange to you but some people who used HA and zap keep telling me to keep using the zap.

Regarding that matter of course that the result in audio format would be easier to read.
It may add small error because extra rotor calculation would be required.
But calculating time for zap to occur is very complicated process. The FF does it reasonably accurate but it still may produce error few pockets. So that can be saved and made easier if audio is used, therefore I would expect same accuracy if I get all done properly.

With audio we lose freedom of clocking the ball and rotor at any place because the program needs to know rotor position. Which means at position where we clocked the rotor we must clock and the ball? This may be problematic if spins are short.
However if the player has creativity it can benefit him in some situations.
For example he can cheat the system, clock the rotor then if offset is +9 he can simply clock the ball 9 pockets from place where he clocked the rotor and his offset will be zero.

I am still working with one java developer on plan B (use the FF’s hardvare and mobile phone for audio files). If he can make program that audio files are called instantly I may go for that. Actually I gave him all needed specification so he is working on it to see what can be done.

Some people may ask why I insist in that so much. 1-1.5 sec in roulette prediction is huge, that is the difference in between FF’s accuracy 2 or 3 set up. Prediction at 3 will always be more accurate then at 2. It has nothing to do with system. It is more as shooting target at 300m, or 200m. So why to clock data at ball speeds that match setting 2 to be able to get prediction that match time of setting 3.


Lets be realistic. For a device as accurate as FF for only $650.00 U.S dollars, there really isn’t much for you to be complaining about. You ought to be on your knees praising this guy.

Your option B is to try handing 5 grand over to Howe or Stefano, and see how far that option gets you.

Lets put things into perspective Cowboy. You are not very happy with Howe or Stefano or any of the other current roulette computer manufactures, because if you were, you would be too busy winning lots and lots of money right now, instead of wasting your time on this forum complaining.

It is ok he is just trying to explain his view and perhaps what would be better for him.

All I can say is that the FF is developed for my needs. I do not consider it unpractical at all. I think it is more practical then any other system with audio. (Excluding applying it for team play) but playing in team may be more headache then help.
If someone wants it and if someone thinks he can do something with it I will sell it and the price is reasonable. I can teach what I know I can explain but I can’t guaranty constant winnings especially not under every conditions. Roulette prediction is something that you constantly learn and experience. The FF is only a tool that helps.


If you beef is that you are not able to see the number at the time of the Zap, than invest in a pair of TV glasses for $50.00.

If your beef is that you can only see part of the wheel, than do not sit at the table . Instead, Take your chips, get up out of your chair and stand next to the wheel, and simply pick and choose your targets. When you are ready to place your bets after you get a zap, all you have to do is take 1 step back to the table and place your bets. If you win, collect your winnings, AND 1 step back over to the wheel to prepare yourself for the next roll. If you loss, you would also take 1 step back over to the wheel and prepare for the next roll.



I am 6’4 and can clearly see 100% of the wheel standing next to it with atleast 10 inches to spare on any Atlantic City roulette wheel. So as long as you are atleast 5’6 or bigger, than you should be able to see 100% of the wheel standing next to it.


CORRECTION, my girl friend is only 5’2 and able to see 100% of any Atlantic City roulette wheel standing right next to it with 2 inches to spare. So that means that any one atleast 5’0 or taller will be able to see 100% of a roulette wheel standing next to it.

Now if you are only 4’11 or shorter, than you are shit out of luck!!!

Dr. Spock

I know 2 people are playing similar way. One is placing chips the other one does clocking and simply telling the other guy prediction number. He even holds the FF in the pocket and presses switch by hand, never worry for any trouble. I assume them standing close to each other. By my knowledge they are the people who won the most.
But really when you think why they would worry.
All that can happen is they may get banned.
Even if they search them what they can do with FF especially if it is locked.
It would be same as accusing someone that he was using wrist watch to win.

It is always better without trouble. But definitely there is a reason why the FF is designed as it is.
Cowboygambler, in case of trouble can you tell me better solution for single player then the FF. Have in mind that he needs to clock the ball and that existence of switch needs to be justified.

Cowboy you are probably experiencing the same problem I have when the zap occurs… I blink… and in that brief moment… I lose sight of the number/s below the ball. It happens every time to me… I do not blame Forester’s FF… I guess I have a heightened sensitivity to electric shock… I have given this some considerable thought and have the following suggestion for chicken hearted people like me and cowboy who have exceptionally low pain thresholds and poor eye-sight… Here is the suggestion: If the FF is capable of being programmed to ‘zap’ only when a ‘pre-determined’ set of neighbouring numbers is likely to result in a success then with those numbers committed to memory we simply wait for our wake-up zap and lean forwards and place that exact same bet every time. If the wake-up zap doesn’t happen… then we do what Mike was doing the other day and watch curvey asian girls place their bets… All the pit boss will think is that we have a favourite sector and that we have been very lucky given that we spend half out time gawking at the chicks. Personally I think a device that gives verbal numbering is asking for trouble… What do the rest of the members think??


We did have 2 zaps at start. One at last click and one as prediction but after some practicing the first zap was only trouble.
If someone really doesn’t like zap the easiest solution is to add $300 hearing aid to get beep.

I’m like PJ allergic to pain and even a mild zap so Forester put in the adjustable zap originally just for me. If I wind it down low to just a tingle I have now trained myself not to blink when it hits me.

Before that I was just like a pig going under an electric fence - he knows what’s going to happen so he starts squealing before he charges the fence wire - I think I told you about the time I yelped and jumped when the zap bit me and the croupier asked me if I was OK? What could I tell her “I’m just a sensitive pig?”

Interesting, and after roulette computer FFA with audio was created more people want FFV or FFZ.
Simple, no wires, easy setup.