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Ever wonder why the casino roulette layout is so far from the wheel and why the seats are so low that you have to crane your neck to get a look at the wheel? The answer is obvious. The casinos does not want the players looking at the wheel, they want them focusing on the layout. Why? Because nothing is happening on the layout all of the action is at the wheel and the dealer’s interaction with it. In fact they go so far as to design the layout so that the relationship of the numbers on the layout have no relationship to the numbers on the wheel.

Well, I say if the casino goes to such great lengths to keep me from focusing on the wheel then focusing on the wheel is exactly what I should do.

By paying close attention to the roulette wheel and watching literally hundreds of hours of spins we have discovered what the casinos did not want us to know and why most of the casinos and dealer schools have instructed their dealers to NOT look at the wheel when they place the ball in motion.

What we found is that the dealer, especially an experienced dealer can intentionally influence where the ball lands on the wheel. We are not talking about a biased wheel, it would take weeks of observation of a single wheel to determine if there was a bias and that is not a very practical use of our time. We are talking about a dealer bias, one that can be spotted in minutes and with the use of just a pencil and a note pad can be exploited to win consistently and win big.

“Signature Roulette” is exactly what the name implies, we find a roulette dealer with a signature and we exploit it! There is no one better at identifying dealer signatures than Robin Frost. I have played beside Robin many times and seen him predict the sector or the exact number of the next spin with amazing consistency.

Last year Robin, John Vance, Jerry Patterson and I were in Las Vegas. We like to play downtown because there are a number of casinos close by and the atmosphere is a bit more casual. We went to the Las Vegas Club to play craps, there was only on table open and it was full. John and Jerry wandered off to check out some Blackjack games and Robin and I started watching the roulette wheel that was adjacent to the craps table. The dealer was a young Asian lady. Robin and I were standing no more than three feet from her and we were talking to each other about her remarkably consistent release and the sector the ball was landing in. She heard every word. After about five minutes Robin could not stand it any longer, he had to play. We had determined just from observation, no tools no notes, just watching, that the next number should be Zero. Robin said to me “give me $25” (he really likes playing with other people’s money)

He got into the game and placed a $10 bet on the Zero, a $10 bet on the Double Zero and a $5 bet on the split between the Zero and the Double Zero for the dealer. The dealer got the wheel up to speed and she released the ball right over the number we expected. The ball rattled about a bit and landed squarely in the Zero pocket. The young dealer screamed. She had just won $175. Robin said “well that will bring the suit” and seconds later the pit boss was asking what had happened. The young dealer said, “I just won $175” the pit boss shrugged her shoulders and walked off. Robin and I walked off to and with $350 of the casino’s money.

“Signature Roulette” teaches you to uncover the secrets of advantage roulette play. It teaches you what the casinos do not want you to know.

W. K. Johnson, President Sailfish Productions

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What is the different between wheel bias and a tillted wheel? Both make the ball land on a common drop piont.

The topic above is for Dealer biases also known as Dealer signatures.

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