About Casino Surveillance

Hello again,

This is probably something that should be placed over at the gamming floor or someother forum but I’ve made this my main reference for roulette discussion and as such, I would like to ask you about what you know regarding radio detection/surveillance in casinos. Do you know if these kind of systems are deployed in casinos? Do you believe that any well-respect casino will have them? Do you know if they scan for well known frequencies like 2.402 GHz and 2.480 GHz or some particular frequency like 3GHz? Have any of you ever had a problem regarding these kind of surveillance?


I think NO,

There are so many signals on 2.4 GHz

There isn’t much use off scanning if they can’t decrypt it to know which signal is which. On top of that Bluetooth always switch in between channels and without proper code it would be imposable to follow it.

It is much easier for casino to watch what you do and how much you win.