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A double zero wheel but with a single zero layout. The order came from Casino Zinnwald, which is based in Brno, Czech Republic.

A white “Super prive” arrangement. Super prive is sort of a privat game usually for high rollers in a seperate room. I can`t say i fancy the white style. Even though the ball track appears to be darker it must be a pain for the eyes to watch the ball.

here we have 0, right next to 00, they modified ring.

Are you talking about the layout ? I thought the most usual place to have the 00 was opposit the 0 on the ring. But what do i know, i havent seen a double zero wheel at all in 2010.

3,26,0,00,32,15 :smiley:

Casino in melbourne claimed that on $2,50 tables they do nto make enough money
So goverment let them add another number to increase profit.
It was only on $2.50 tables