A very interesting article on biased wheels - - - A MUST READ

at the end of the article, look at who the author was… ;D


Jep, that will be me. Originally i wrote it in Danish to the danish part of the portal. S ¸ren then ran it through a translation machine without my knowledge and pretty much fucked it up. Its also posted in german language somewheree else, eqally bad translation.

I still rip hair of my head for NOT having Snows material at the time i joined that team and wrote the article, because what they do has a lot to do with each other and mr “Biasplayer” were very secretive with what he was doing although i played with them for 3 weeks. If i had had the knowledge at the time that i had today, i would proababbly posess the strongest VB/Bias combo play created EVER.

Yes very interesting.
I think I remember when you mention your team play but then you become quiet about it.

Yes we had an agreement about how much details could be posted and they approved to the script but also pointed out that this was as far as it went. Further details could only be on my own play during the 3 weeks but without details about the locations we played. I think i already posted a graph of that somewhere.

Altogether i spend roughly 3 months with them.