A list of testimonies of those scammed by win3million

NOTE: If you were scammed by this person/people please add to this post your story or testimony. I would like everyone to come together. Please don’t be ashamed, we live and learn. Also if you have not been scammed by them, please refrain from your “I told you so!” comments, as I’m hoping this thread to be one BIG List of people scammed by w3m. If you wish to post “I told you so!” Could you please create another thread?

Thank you


This is my first post here, and it’s a WARNING message for all of those people still following or believing in any of the following:

Charles Edward Hampshire
Simon Hampshire
Team Win3million
The New win3million Anti-scam Site (Yet to be finished)

I was naive, and I’m not afraid to tell you all, I was scammed, or ripped off. . . . . whatever you want to call it. I followed w3m for almost 2 years until the PPPC was anounced, and then I applied to join the club and paid the fee.

I waited and waited, and still have not heard back from anyone associated with them. It’s been over 8 weeks since the club opened to applicants. I tried contacting w3m but they don’t respond anymore. However the website is still changing, which tells me they’re simply ignoring my emails.

Heres something for you. I had to pay a little over $500 AUD to join this club, how many people do you think they had as a following worldwide? 100? 1000? 10,000?

100 Applicants = $50,000
1,000 Applicants = $500,000
10,000 Applicants = $5,000,000

SO NOW YOU SEE! This person/people would definitely have to be the biggest ONLINE roulette scammers. Can I, or any of us get our money back? I’m not sure, but I can Inform others and indeed the online roulette community that they really are (as much as I don’t want to believe it) are SCAM.

As a side note, I’m almost certain there are scammers in these forums, but I can only tell you about the scammers I dealt with.

Now PLEASE ANYONE ELSE SCAMMED BY W3M, SHARE YOUR STORY please only true stories I don’t want any haters, these should be genuine. (else we drop to their level).



P. S I still don’t know how, or if you can beat roulette long term profitably, but let me say, you should always be VERY CAREFUL of anyone who claims they can beat it. If there is a way to beat it, it’s being kept extremely secret, the moment others find out, your chances of using this winning method will greatly diminish, as the casinos will find a way to stop you. After all it’s all about MONEY!

Not sure why did you write it here.
Members from this forum are not interested in systems or patterns. If it is a scam I do not believe anyone form here would be scammed.

You should make a post at vlsroulette they might be interested since vls forum is about systems and patterns.


my utmost respect, to out yourselve …respect also for trying to get them down

-“You should make a post at vlsroulette they might be interested since vls forum is about systems and patterns.”-

Might be a good advice …

Indeed vls was the first place I posted this, however it was deleted within minutes. I suspect win3million runs those forums secretly.

If you don’t mind leaving this post here it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


VLS was started by people who were chasing patterns, win… lose… As WLWWWLWWLLLWLW
I wouldn’t say it has any connection with win3million. Now Stefano runs it and in some stages win3millopon at some pages were describing Stefano’s scam. Since then he doesn’t like links to that site.
Personally I am not interested in win3million or what they do.
If people want to chase patterns and pay for it, that’s their business.
Selling roulette systems is a big industry. A little bit of truth, lot of bullshit and promises can sell many systems.

There is so many advertised roulette systems for sale.
it can be only that

  1. they want to make money form people
  2. there is so many smart good people in the world wanting to help the others to make money, then is only questionable why they need any money from buyers
    From two options by logic is very simple what to choose, so simple that I do not have to explain it.

Hey Brian,

"(07:19:25) Brian: I did not believe in telekinesis, until I experienced FFZ predictions ..... "
I am glad you like it.

I’ll be away for 5 days testing if it is the truth ;D

are you ther only one or you found some more?

I have had another person at VLS testify against w3m. I’m sure there are plenty more, maybe they’re just scared to say anything.

This list is to bring the person/people behind w3m down.

I tried to access the site but it has a problem.

Thank you again for leaving my post up, however it doesn’t seems as though many readers of this forum were effected by the scam, good for them.