$55 m illion winner robbed by Casino

Another reason never to play poker machines…


The Bastards !!!

I wonder If they have got one of those sick little signs up somewhere that say if the machine malfunctions then they do not have to pay out.

Either way he should not have to file a lawsuit against the casino he should be paid his winnings anyway.

Then have the cheek to offer the guy 90 dollars and a meal,

Then ban him as he refused it

I hope he takes them to the cleaners


Considering how faulty slot machines are it’s rather shocking that the casino puts so many of them on the floor. Pay the money and the go after the manufacturer. If casinos are not interested in losing money then they are in the wrong business. They already have the math on their side and it pisses me off every time they try weasel their ways out of paying winners. If they don’t want these kinds of problems, then don’t put faulty machines on the floor ASSHOLES! There are machines that never pay out on the floor because of faults too. I’m sure they are still fully operational.

Listen to this guys… in Belgrade an electronic roulette (manufactured in Slovenia - forgot the name of the brand) Number 26 ended falling almost 20 times in a row ;D wtf? so after like the 6th time everybody started playing 26 with neighbours (one chicken player played 8 with neighbours just in case :D) The owner then came,stopped the game , turned it off and at least payed the couple of guys the amount but stopped the game for going any further - his excuse was that it was broken … Oh yeah when you miss 30 spins in a row it works perfectly fine then :stuck_out_tongue:

Alfastreet or Elektronček or Ecit?

Remember it now “Golden Club Casino” that was the name.The screen looks fancy,there is a jackpot on the right hand corner if you hit 3/3 same number with over 20 points.The touch screen version has the same layout and bottom right you can chose to play with points that go 1,2,5,10,50,100,500 which are all in different colors

Found their site.Heard that a lot of their machines are in Vegas and across Europe…other malfunctions are the system knows to stop while the spin is in progress and once it reboots the data is sometimes lost…so you can lie and say you played at the maximum bet and they often do pay out when that occurs but its rare.
While we are at machines I just remembered great scam very good 8) Two guys from the capital of Montenegro…They managed somehow to put a wire threw the glass and the surface and somehow shift the rotor at the end so the ball could drop in the sector they wanted :D.They went winning for a month or maybe two got greedy then got caught…