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How to select roulette computer?

From three roulette computers offered at how do you choose the right one?

Evolution of roulettes advantage play

Let's look at roulette game. Dealer spins wheel in one direction and ball in the other, after some spinning around the ball hits one of diamonds then drops on rotor where it continues jumping until it rests in one of 37 pockets. There are many ball rotations sometimes more sometimes less, many diamonds and many pockets with numbers. Even rotor sometimes is going faster. We assume at each spin different amount of rotations can be made, any diamond may get hit and ball may jump every time differently. It looks random, and it is if you do not know anything else and do not look for more.

Understanding roulette wheel and exploiting possibilities

Predicting roulette leveled wheel. Roulette program IQE6 vs. Acrobat. Real problems of predicting roulette.